Services & Rates

Let me write for you.

My mission is to help businesses put their voice and image out into the world, progressing them towards their missions while educating readers with accurate, entertaining, and inspiring content.

Once content is purchased, it's yours. I can't republish it or resell it. However, bylined articles can appear in my portfolio without your permission.


Blog Posts/Articles

- I'll pitch topics that resonate with your audience

- Articles will be written in your company's voice and desired verbiage applicable for your audience

- Include good SEO tactics

- Research and statistics for informative and accurate content

- Include images when applicable to enhance the written content.


I. Let's Get to Know One Another Package: Two 500-word blogs: $150/$175 byline/ghostwritten

II. We Like Your Stuff Package: Four 500-word blogs: $250/$275 byline/ghostwritten


Website Editing

- Free consultation and recommended fix actions. From here I can offer a better quote for the rest of my services.

- Edit or create new content.

- Primary focus on standard webpages to include: homepage/landing page, about us, services, contact us. Pages such as merchandise descriptions will cost extra.


Rates begin at $200. Rates vary depending on the amount of work required.



- A comprehensive letter to subscribers that includes informational, business-related article

- Call-to-action

- All content follows good marketing tactics

- I'll acquire images or request specific images from you (such as an image of a specific product)

- Suggestions for direct marketing campaigns, promotional ideas, and whatever else I think your business can practice to reach its goal (more sales, more website traffic, more subscribers, etc). 


One letter: $100

Series of four letters, spaced among your desired period of time: $350


Social Media Marketing

I utilize analytics programs to measure the success rates of social media postings. Each social media service includes what your business can be doing better and what it's succeeding in. I'm well-versed in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Two routes:

1) I write customized templates for postings based on your business, goals, and audience. You then own the templates and post at the times I recommended based on analytics at the time of service.

Cost: $12 per template

2) I do the actual postings to include links and pictures in real time. You can cancel the service at any time.

Cost: $20 per post


Grant Writing

- A well-researched grant proposal

- Statistics and facts to back up claims

- Consideration for the majority of questions a grant board may ask. I prefer the tactic of being one-step ahead so I seek to answer any and all possible questions. I'll inform you of the possible questions I cannot answer, or have weak rationale for, making you better prepared and able to seek solutions early on.

Cost: 8% of amount requested for project.



If you'd like a customized project rate or would like to create a bundle of services at a reduced rate, please contact me with details of what you need.

I look forward to crafting words for your business and helping you achieve your goals. Have a great day!

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