Why Spend Money on a Freelance Writer?

 Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

A large company, surely has plenty of people on staff. However sometimes the work load may escape even the most productive of teams, or maybe perhaps a specialized, time-extensive project lands in your laps- not high on the priority list it’ll inevitably find itself on the back burner for months on end. These are perfect opportunities to hire a freelance writer.

Don’t let your projects hit a brick wall.

A freelance writer can benefit your company for three reasons:

1. You can keep your focus on front line duties, while a capable freelance writer helps check off those back burner to-dos for a fraction of the cost of a regular employee.
You’d pay per project, so unlike hired employees who receive regular paychecks plus benefits, it ends up being cheaper to outsource for a specialized, smaller project. It keeps regular employees focused on bigger, money-making projects in line with their talents and specialties.


You’ll save time- in today’s fast paced business environment that adds up to a lot of money.

2. Writers write. That’s all we do. We’ve gotten pretty good at articulating ideas, writing in a marketing-focused manner, all with proper grammar.When tasked with a project we take the time to thoroughly research, conduct interviews if necessary, draft, edit, then finalize. Would a staff member pulled in twenty different directions at any given time be able to allot so much time and energy into a single project, especially a back burner project?


3. When we’ve completed our tasks, you’re done with us…or not. Business is about relationships and teamwork, but, let’s be honest, there are some people who don’t work well with others or produce less than desired results. For whatever reason you dislike working with a writer, you’re done after a project is completed- a concept not easily carried out in the modern workplace. You can also choose to hire him or her again for another project, a great time saving option if the writer already knows what you’re going after.
The beauty of outsourcing a freelance writer is not only can you choose a writer based on their prior work samples, but many often offer 1-2 edit reworks within the fee. If you dislike the first draft, you can request edits per your desires.
Keep in mind though, a good freelance writer ensures he or she gets to know your company and what your goals are prior to beginning a project, so you’ll likely be satisfied, with minor edits, on the first try.

What are you waiting for? A dedicated freelance writer can work on the details for your company’s success while you concentrate on the big picture. You’ll save time, money, and surely be satisfied with the results.


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