Hello, I'm Catherine, a professional writer who specializes in marketing and managerial-type articles and web content to include social media marketing. I have the ability to craft informative, entertaining verbiage that is accurate and, if applicable, breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-understand steps.

When it comes to commercial writing, let me help you put your best foot forward. Marketing through brochures, e-newsletters, and web content helps consumers take an interest in you. Technical guides and training manuals aren't always exciting, but vital to the smooth running of any business.

Why hire a freelance writer? Well, why hire your business? Because you're an expert in your field. Delegating tasks is the secret of good managers, and when you delegate to a professional, you know you'll end up with a good product. Save yourself time and money by allowing me to craft your words for you.

My strengths include breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-digest information. I have a knack for writing with particular audiences in mind, for example I've done medical articles for both nurses and the common person seeking caregiver information, each with appropriate terminology. Additionally, I can capture a business's voice, and strive to do so in order to allow your personality to shine through to clients.

My experience and knowledge is quite diverse. What I don't know, I learn quickly. Past topics I've covered include: email marketing, various management topics, food, travel, planning/organization topics, descriptions for various items (wedding dresses, t-shirts, medical grade computers, party supplies), profiles of non-profit organizations and businesses, and I've managed the marketing campaign for a local food co-op, in addition to its grant writing.

Want to know about credentials?

I earned a BS in English from the US Air Force Academy in 2009 and a MA in Humanities from the American Military University in 2014. I worked as an Airfield Operations Officer in the Air Force from 2009-2014 during which time I trained as an air traffic controller and airfield manager for standard qualifications before taking on a supervisory role.
I've managed more than 95 Airmen and civilians in the operation of a busy airfield. My final assignment in the Air Force was teaching the future officers in my career field. Along the way I've written numerous technical reports, guidelines, letters, presentations, and dealt with every managerial issue in the book. I can handle whatever you throw at me.
Editorial experience includes a seven month internship at North Sound Publishing in Bellingham, WA where I contributed articles to Bellingham Alive! Magazine, North End Metro Magazine, and their Couture Weddings annual issue.